Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday February 20, 2017-A Record Day For February

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Swainson's Hawks-489
Cooper Hawks-2
Turkey Vultures-11

A remarkable beginning of the season dashing the records for February! At 8:30am two large kettles formed over the Date Farm. The hawks streamed west/northwest and out of the valley.

Evening Watch:
This evening 13 Swainson's came in and spent some time drifting about. A few are roosting in Tamarisk Trees far to the east. Some might be in the Date Farm

Wind should be calm so we are looking for lift-off between 8 and 9AM.

Waiting to Migrate-HC

Eucalyptus Tree With SW's-HC

Sunday, February 19, 2017

First Evening Watch of the Season-Over 200 Swainson's Hawks Have Arrived-February 19, 2017

As a prelude to the beginning of the hawk season (Monday February 20, 2017). We were surprised by a large incoming kettle of hawks. Over 200 Swainson's Hawks have descended into the Date Farm.

Discussion:Tomorrow morning should be interesting. Our first day at the watch. Will the SW's stay in the valley?There are flowers and some caterpillars. Although the number of caterpillars are sparse, they might attract some of the hawks to begin feeding.

Remember the new official count site is at the end of DiGiorgio Rd. We will have someone posted there tomorrow at 8am.

The wind should be down tomorrow so takeoff will be rather late. Expect birds in the air between 8 and 9am or even later. The hawks are located in Eucalyptus trees in the Date Farm. We will have a spotter near the site (about 1.5 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive on Borrego Valley Rd.).
First Large Caterpillar of the Season-Last Week-Steve Bier

Part of the large group of Swainson's Hawks in Eucalyptus Trees in the Date Farm-HC