Friday, February 20, 2015

Nice Migration Thursday February 19 and Light Migration February 20

Thursday February 19-Joe Hopkins
Friday February 20-Hal Cohen

Thursday-82 Swainson's
Friday-8 Swainson's; 37 Turkey Vultures.

The Swainson's Hawks that roosted at the Date Farm separated into a few groups on Thursday. Some of the hawks descended into the fields. A few appeared to be feeding on caterpillars. Many of the SW's remained in the trees. They began to migrate after 9A. The majority of the SW's flew over Big Horn and DiGiorgio toward the west. On Friday only 8 SW's migrated along with 37 Turkey Vultures. We did have a Ferruginous Hawk roost nearby. Flowers continue to bloom in profusion, attracting White-lined Sphinx Moth Caterpillars.

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Evening Watch: Friday-No hawks reported.

Desert Lily
Yellow Color Morph of White-Lined Sphinx Moth Caterpillar-2/20/15-HC
Green Morph-2/20/15-HC
Swainson's Hawks in Eucalyptus Tree-Count Them 2/19/15-HC
Light Intermediate SW-2/19/15-HC
Light Intermediate Joined By a Dark Morph SW-2/19/15-HC
Canadian Air Force Dropping Into Hawk Air Space-2/20/15-HC
Male and Female American Kestrel-2/20/15-HC

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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures! Hope more hawks will fly by in March.