Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Wild Week-Caterpillars Everywhere and Hawks Feeding on Them-March 7-13, 2015

Saturday March7-Rose
Sunday March 8-Wes
Monday March 9-Herb
Tuesday March 10-Steve
Wednesday March 11-Laura
Thursday March 12-Joe

Saturday-466 Swainson's Hawks; 24 Turkey Vultures; 1 Red-tailed Hawk
Sunday-141 SW's
Monday-220 SW's; 29 TV's; 1 Red-tailded Hawk; 1 Peregrine Falcon; 1 Prairie Falcon
Tuesday-449 SW's
Wednesday-8 but might be updated
Thursday-Around 600 SW's

Discussion: The flowers are blooming and hundreds of thousands of caterpillars are eating the flowers. Hawks are all over the valley eating the caterpillars. So we have had lots of activity and migration. Separating the migrants from hawks staying in the valley to feed has been difficult. Both the day and evening events have been spectacular. Our photography-Iris Kilpatrick has produced some magnificent photo's of individual Swainson's Hawks. Channel 10 (ABC-San Diego) ran a featured segment on the flowers, caterpillars and hawks. Some of the Youtubes and an interview with Joe Hopkins were included. We expect the flowers to dwindle during the current heat wave. The caterpillars are fat and will probably dig in-pupate and spend the year underground. They will emerge next winter as moths and hopefully will experience more flowers to pollinate. Yes, the flowers depend on the moths and at the same time provide food for the growing caterpillars. Check out the current Youtubes below. This youtube was taken at 7P, yesterday March 12th.

Iris Kilpatrick
Iris Kilpatrick

Iris Kilpatrick

Just a Reminder-Be Careful-This Sidewinder was found at the entrance to the evening watch-run over by a careless driver. Also, watch out where you step. Our very hot weather now will bring out more snakes. 

Paratropper and SW's-Hal
Our Eyes-Steve and Rose-Hal

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