Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March 29-April 5, 2016-We Still Have Some Hawks Coming In-However Unpredictable

March 29-Steve Bier assisted by Wes Hetrick
March 30-Laura Webb assisted by Hal Cohen
March 31-Bob Theriault
April 1-Herb STone
April 2-Dan Mayka Jr. assisted by Hal Cohen
April 3-Hal Cohen
April 4-Herb Stone assisted by Tommy Antel
April 5-Hal Cohen assisted by Tommy Antel

March 29-51 Swainson's Hawks
March 30-14 Swainson's Hawks
March 31-24 Turkey Vultures
April 1-22 Swainson's Hawks
April 2-3 Swainson's Hawks
April 3-0
April 4-88 Swainson's Hawks; 1 Turkey Vulture
April 5-217 Swainson's Hawks

We discovered a new area for feeding north and east of the new watch site at the end of DiGiorgio Rd. For 3 days beginning April 3 we have found SW's on the ground and creosote bushes. Today April 5, several kettles formed around 9am. and over 200 SW's migrated. There were over 20 still on the ground at 11am.

Evening Watch:
This evening I went to the new site at the end of DiGiorgio Rd and found several hawks to the east feeding on something? Without disturbing the hawks we may not know what the food is. I counted around 20 on the ground and another 15 coming in from ? So anyone interested in seeing a lift-off, tomorrow at the new site 4.6 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive on DiGiorgio Rd is the place.

Tomorrow wind should be calm to light so the hawks on the ground probably won't take off until 9a.m or later. The best place to view the hawks is at the end of DiGiorgio Rd. 4.6 miles north of Palm Canyon Dr. The raised mound is perfect for viewing the hawks. There is a portable washroom there as well.

Hal Cohen-SW

Ernie Cowan-Rufous Morph Swainson's Hawk

Iris Kirkpatrick-SW
James Morris-SW

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