Sunday, April 2, 2017

March 30-April 2-Slow Migration But Still Some Hawks in Town

March 30-Hal
March 31-Hal
April 1-Laura
April 20-Herb and Judy

March 30-0
March 31-1 Swainson's Hawk
April 1-3 Swainson's Hawks
April 2-100 Swainson's Hawks

On Sunday April 2 several hawks came up from the east and at least 10 from the date farm. All in all it was a good day for viewers.

On a sad note, one of our leaders died a few days ago. Ranger Steve Bier will always be remembered as the guy with the eyes. Steve had the ability to spot hawks without binocs when everyone scanned to find them with scopes and binocs. He will always be remembered for his knowledge of just about everything that moved in nature as well as flowers. This season is dedicated to Steve. We miss you.

Evening Watch:
This evening around 35 hawks were counted coming to the date farm. Hawks arriving now through the end of the season are probably coming from Argentina.

The fact that hawks are coming to the date farm, a return to the usual pattern, indicates that caterpillars are no longer in abundance. Tomorrow if the predicted wind arrives 12-15mph, the hawks will get up and leave between 7-9am.

A Swainson's with some caterpillars in the crop-Larry Master,
Typical wing fold of a SW for a glide-Larry Master,
Adult Light Morph SWLarry Master,


  1. wow this was such an interesting find! i am a hawks enthusiast and currently reside in UAE the hawk heaven! Love your work