Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another 0 Day At The Hawkwatch-However Around 130-150 Swainson's Came In This Evening April 3, 2014

Judy, assisted by Herb, Joe, Hal

Migration Today:

Where have all the hawks gone? A good question. There are many alternative routes that the Swainson's Hawks can take in the Borrego Valley area. We don't know what the determining factors are. Wind might play a big part. Food perhaps but we have had good migration without a food source.

Some good news from up north. Debi Shearwater posted this comment: "Elsewhere in the county, I was thrilled to see a returning SWAINSON'S HAWK today in the area where they nested last year. Last year's nest was the first, ever documented nesting of Swainson's Hawk in San Benito County. Let's hope they are successful this year as well. I am unaware of any modern day or historical records of Swainson's Hawk in April. As some folks have noted, this raptor nested for the first time in years in Santa Clara County and a few other places. Most folks seem to think they are "reclaiming" their former range."

We are always pleased when we hear of new nesting territories. 

Evening Watch:
Three Waves of Swainson's came in and settled into the Date Farm. The totals are anywhere from 125-150 SW's

Light wind and overcast predicted for tomorrow. So lift-off might be delayed to around 9A. Best viewing from the evening site on Borrego Valley Road to begin with. 

TV from the Hill-4/3/14

Toro Peak with snow from the hill 4/3/14

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