Friday, April 11, 2014

Are Swainson's Hanging Around?-Wednesday April 9-11, 2014

Laura, assisted by Joe-April 9
Judy, assisted by Herb and Joe-April 10
Joe, assisted by Judy and Herb-April 11

Migration April 9:
Swainson's Hawks-4
Turkey Vultures-3

Migration April 10:
Swainson's Hawks-4
Turkey Vultures-2

Migration April 11:
Swainson's Hawk-1

April 9-Very hot today-80's-upper 90's. Light wind. A Swainson's Hawk was spotted roosting with TV's at the Roadrunner. I spotted a SW near my home. It appears that some hawks may be hanging around town. Below is a shot of a juvenile SW. April 10-11 once again were very hot days, approaching 100 by 11A.

Evening Watch April 11:
Only one juvenile SW was spotted near the day site. A report of around 30 Swainson's came in at 5P. However we are not sure if these were Swainson's Hawks.

Again, we don't anticipate a big migration tomorrow.

Juvenile Swainson's Hawk-Iris Kilpatrick

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