Friday, April 10, 2015

Season Slowdown With Some Surprise Feeding Hawks-April 4-10, 2015

April 4-Hal
April 5-Herb
April 6-Herb
April 7-Steve
April 8-Laura
April 9-Hal
April 10-Hal

April 4-3 SW's
April 5-6 SW's
April 6-0
April 7-11 SW's
April 8-1 SW; 12 TV's
April 9-1 SW
April 10-3 SW's

Looks like the season is winding down quickly. Although very few Swainson's Hawks are migrating, it is apparent that feeding behavior continues. Daily now we see hawks on the ground east of the hawkwatch near Peg Leg (S-22). This evening-Friday April 10 perhaps more than 20 hawks were observed in the same area above. Evidently hawks are still moving through the valley and some are stopping for the night. Around 9A in the morning hawks begin to kettle up to aerial feed. Flying ants and dragonflies are in the valley. Unfortunately the food supply is located far to the east of the hawk count site. Below are some shots through the season. Next week I will compile the season totals and add some of Iris Kilpatrick's great Shots.

Our Landmarks-Wes Hetrick

Great Kettle-HC

Coming in to Roost-HC

Evening Touchdown-HC

Sphinx Moth Caterpillars-HC
Falcon in a Tree-?

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