Thursday, April 16, 2015

The End of The Season-Last Blog-April 11-15, 20

April 11-Laura
April 12-Herb
April 13-Herb
April 14-Hal
April 15-No Count-End of the Season

April-11-1 Swainson's Hawk; 14 Turkey Vultures
April 12-3 SW's
April 13-1 SW; 1 TV
April 14-O
April 15-No Count

The season is now officially over. Swainson's Hawks and Turkey Vulture will continue to trickle through the valley until late May. This season was marked by remarkable feeding behavior due to the huge number of caterpillars available. Daily for over 3 weeks we encountered huge numbers of SW's that foraged on the caterpillars. Unfortunately the location of most of the feeding took place in a rather remote area east of the airport. This season is ranked 3rd of 13 years of data gathering. As the end of this season approached we thought we would end up in second place. However we fell short by just over 100 hawks.

Totals For The Season:
Swainson's Hawks-5269-Third highest count in 13 years
Turkey Vultures-248-lowest count in 13 years
Northern Harrier-1
Red-tailed Hawk-5
Peregrine Falcon-1
Prairie Falcon-1
Unknown Buteo-1
Unknown Raptors-4

Those Folks that volunteered to help at the watch-A special thanks: 
Herb Stone
Judy Davis
Steve Bier
Laura Webb
Joe Hopkins
Hal Cohen
Wes Hetrick
Rose Leong
Pam Albers
Tommy Antel
Richard Yates
Gary Hilton
Bob Theriault
Ashley Kvitek
Also, our thanks to Anza Borrego Foundation for support and all the folks that came out to appreciate the hawks.

A few photo's from this year as well as previous years.
Dark Morph-HC

3 Swainson's Hawks-Morphs-HC

Rufous with Twig-Iris Kilpatrick

Intermediate Morph-
Don Endicott
Evening Watch-HC
Captured Swainson's Hawk-HC

Handsome Dude-HC

Rufous SW-HC

White-Lined Sphinx Moth in Motion-Robin Roberts-Idyllwild
The End of the Season-HC

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