Monday, February 18, 2013

Borrego Valley Hawkwatch February 15-18, 2013

The season officially got off the ground with the 1st evening watch February 14. The evening watch site is located on Borrego Valley Rd. The count is made the following day from "the hill" on Di Giorgio Road just south of Henderson Canyon Road.
Evening Watch February 14:2 TV's and 20 flyby Canada Geese.
Migration February 15-2 TV's and 1 Red-tailed Hawk
Evening Watch February 15:3 TV's, the geese again, Western Bluebirds, 1 Cooper's Hawk and 2 Kestrels
Migration February 16:0
Evening Watch February 16:No raptors observed
Migration February 17:6 TV's, 1 Red-tailed Hawk
Evening Watch February 17:8 Turkey Vultures & 1 unidentified buteo
Migration February 18:8 Swainson's Hawks and 44 Turkey Vultures
Discussion: Our first day with migrating Swainson's Hawks since our opening Feb. 15. On Monday Feb 18 the SW's lifted off at 9:05A from an area near Bill Wrights Fun Farm just north of The Springs RV Park on Di Giorgio Rd. The TV's arrived in the same area at 10A probably from a roost site to the south of the Fun Farm. A kettle of 34 TV's was spotted at 10A followed by 10 additional TV's by 10:45A. The TV's remained in the area for almost an hour before departing near Coyote Canyon.
Evening Watch February 18: 7 TV's were spotted going into the Roadrunner Club.

                                                                Turkey Vulture-HC

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