Sunday, February 24, 2013

Early Lift Off Today-Sunday Feb. 24, 2013

Migration Today:
84 Swainson's Hawks
6 Turkey Vultures

The windy conditions prompted us to get out before 7A. Before 8A most of the Swainson's Hawks were on the move. All of the hawks migrated up Palm Canyon. They kettled up very high before departing. Most of the SW's roosted at or near the Pekoff  Farm in Tamarisks on Borrego Springs Rd The blog you are reading was prepared at 6:30P on Feb 24. It probably won't be delivered until tomorrow Feb 25th.

If you want alert updates either bookmark this blog and go to it each evening or you can get the ALERT email by sending me your email address. The ALERT will be posted when we have significant numbers of hawks coming into roost in the evening. If  you are on the ALERT list you will automatically get the email. The ALERT will be just  a simple note without photo's or details.

Evening Watch:
No apparent migrants this evening. We did have around 6 TV's observed in the Roadrunner Club, probably local birds. 

Wind will be light tomorrow. If we do have a migration it will occur around 9AM. Check in at the day count site for more information.

Swainson's Hawk Intermediate Morph-2/24/13-HC

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