Saturday, February 23, 2013

First Big Migration Tonight February 23, 2013

Migration Today:
Turkey Vultures-12

The TV's began to kettle up at 9:00A. A few small kettles formed and all TV's flew NW and exited the valley through Coyote Canyon. An Osprey was spotted to the North and also left the valley by way of Coyote Canyon.

Evening Watch:
At least 65 Swainson's Hawks were observed but the roost site was not determined. Twenty or more TV's also were spotted.

If the windy conditions persist in the early morning, the Swainson's Hawks will depart somewhere between 7 and 8A. If the winds die down tonight and tomorrow they will depart between 8 and 9A. The best site to watch the migration will probably be at the day watch just south of Henderson Canyon Rd on Di Giorgio Rd. Usually the number counted in the evening is less than the hawks spotted the following day.

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