Friday, April 5, 2013

Another 0 Day-April 5, 2013

Bob Theriault
Assisted by:
Wes Hetrick, Pam Albers, Anne Reilly, Joe Hopkins

Migration Today:

Weather was 63-77 and partly cloudy with wind 15-17 mph NNW. No Swainson's Hawks were observed today. Several resident TV's lifted off at 9A. 3 Red-tailed Hawks and a Harrier were seen in flight.

We have entered uncharted waters. In no other season have the Swainson's Hawks numbers dropped so rapidly during this period (March 31 to April 5). So far we have not had an explanation for the dramatic change in the migration pattern.

Evening Watch:
No apparent hawks arriving this evening. We did have 3 Redtails above the Date Farm but no Swainson's Hawks.

LIght Intermediate Morph Adult Male

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