Saturday, April 6, 2013

Things Picking Up This Evening-April 6, 2013

Wes Hetrick
Assisted by:
Pam Albers, Joe Hopkins, Herb Stone

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-5

The hawks moved very late, 10:50 and 10:57A. This tends to indicate that our missed hawks during this period have been moving later in the day. We may have been missing our birds because they are not stopping to roost in the valley. If they are moving through in the middle of the day it would be difficult for us to see them as thermals will have allowed them to fly at very high altitude.

Today I went to Anza to check out the terminus of Coyote Canyon. Within a few hours I watched Red-tailed Hawks, Red-shouldered hawks and a Sharpshin pass through the area. We believe most of our hawks depart Coyote Canyon at Anza to our north.

Evening Watch:
75 Turkey Vultures and 10 Swainson's Hawks came into the Date Farm this evening. The watchers had good looks at the SW's in trees and on the ground.

We may be getting some strong wind by morning. If so, the TV's and SW's will depart early. Hopefully the wind will hold off and the raptors will lift off at a reasonable hour such as 8A.

Where to View:
The evening watch might be the best viewing spot tomorrow.

Exit from Coyote Canyon at Anza-4/6/13-HC

Red-tailed Hawk-Anza-4/6/13-HC

Red-tailed Hawk-Anza-4/6/13-HC

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