Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Some Hawks Moving Today-April 2, 2013

Steve Bier
Assisted by:
Wes Hetrick, Pam Albers and Joe Hopkings

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-11
Turkey Vultures-38

A nice kettle of Swainson's that may have roosted at De Anza Country Club. Perhaps this is why we have been missing hawks for the past few days. De Anza is tucked in close to the mountains. The hawks could easily slip out of town from this location.

Evening Watch:
Once again we did not see any hawks from the evening site. However, we did get a report of 15 Swainson's Hawks observed a few miles south of the watch. We never did see these birds at the evening watch. There was another report from this morning of several hawks observed southeast of town.

Where can I see lots of Swainson's Hawks in fall. Take a trip to Cardel, Veracruz and over 25 species of raptors can be seen including a few hundred thousand Swainson's and Broad-winged Hawks in one day! October 15/just before and after are good dates to consider. Check out Veracruz, River of Raptors at Hawkcount.org. Check Monthly Summaries and scroll down to Veracruz, River of Raptors.

Below is a coyote that bounded across the road near the evening site a few days ago. When I don't have hawk photo's to share I dig deep! The SW's hawk in the photo shows the two tone (dark/gray) topside.

Two-tone top upper wing view-HC
Coyote crossing the road-HC

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