Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hawks Continue-March 13-March 28, 2018

March 13-Laura Webb

Swainson's Hawks-111
Turkey Vultures-18

3/13/18 we had several hawks on the ground. Some were foraging for flying ants. Aerial feeding was also evident. So the mystery is solved. Having ants available as a food source in dry conditions is unusual. Today the hawks kettled up very late as the weather conditions did not favor migration. It was hot with still air. By 10am however the hawks were on the move.

Evening Watch:
This evening only around 10 Swainson's Hawks were observed.

It might be a bit windy tomorrow early so migration may start by 7am.

Feeding on Ants-Frimmel Smith

Great shot of 5 SW's Together-Frimmel Smith

Feeding on Ants-Frimmel Smith

Ant in the Talons Maybe-Frimmel Smith

Flying Ant-HC


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