Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Swainson's Hawk Migration March 14-18, 2018

March 14-Judy Davis
March 15-Rose Leong
March 16-Pam Albers
March 17-Rose Leong
March 18-Hal Cohen
March 19-Pam Albers
March 20-Step Wilson
March 21-Laura Webb

March 14-Swainson's Hawks-18
March 15-Swainson's Hawks-0
March 16-Swainson's Hawks-670
March 17-Swainson's Hawks-155; Turkey Vultures-2
March 18-Swainson's Hawks-8
March 19-Swainson's Hawks-35
March 20-Swainson's Hawks-68
March 21-Swainson's Hawks-29

     We have had great days and then some lulls. The hawks are pulsing through. Without a steady source of food we are not getting the numbers we usually expect. This implies that hawks are passing through without stopping. Although some hawks are feeding on Flying Ants.The number of hawks should pick up in the following days. Roost sites are split between the old Elis Farm, Date Farm (Evans Ranch) and Roadrunner Club. Although we expect more hawks, we have had around 3,000 already move through the area. We have now surpassed March numbers for 6 of the 15 years of observations.
     Below is a shot of hawks roosting at the Date Farm (Evans Ranch). Someone jumped the entrance fence to approach these hawks and they scattered. Two things occurred-the person that jumped the fence was trespassing and it is a federal offense to knowingly approach threatened birds and disturbing them.
Evening Watch:
Only a few hawks came in this evening, Wednesday March 21.

Hopefully there are hawks roosting in outlying areas. The wind should pick up this evening and any hawks will leave early. The expectation of more migrants keeps us coming back every day.

The Hawks That Were Disturbed by a Photographer-This Was Taken Outside the Fence by David Nevett. 

Early Kettle of SW's-Craig Chaddock
Beginning to Stream-Craig Chaddock

Nice Dark Morph Swainson's-Craig Chaddock

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  1. Was a pleasure to meet you and be there on one of the fruitful days! Craig Chaddock