Monday, March 26, 2018

Huge Kettle in Town-Monday Evening March 26, 2018-Estimates from 200-500 Swainson's Hawks

March 22, 2018-Herb Stone/Judy Davis
March 23-Pam Albers
March 24-Herb Stone/Judy Davis
March 25-Rose Leong
March 26-Herb Stone

March 22-Swainson's Hawks-2
March 23-Swainson's Hawks-1
March 24-Swainson's Hawks-145; TV's-6
March 25-Swainson's Hawks-8
March 26-Swainson's Hawks-3

Finally we had an evening fly-in on March 23rd. After 7pm 30-40 Swainson's Hawks were observed coming into the Date Farm. On Saturday March 24 most took off early with a stiff wind. Fortunately some remained in the area for some of the watchers. The total was typically more than the observed the evening before.

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Evening Watch:
Monday March 26-A large kettle of SW's was spotted to the east. They formed kettles, streamed and reformed. They began to settle down near the airport and rose up again. Finally most dropped into the Date Farm (Evans Ranch). Do not climb the gate to get photos. We are estimating between 200 and 500 Swainson's Hawks are in the valley.

Tomorrow Tuesday March 27th may have some breeze early in the morning. It is possible that hawks will begin to kettle up by 6:30 or 7am. Hopefully the breeze will hold off and the hawks will move later. Our experience in the past has shown that not all of the hawks will leave early. So some may be taking off around 8:30am. Viewing from DiGiorgio Rd near Big Horn and at the day count site (just south of Henderson Canyon Rd on DiGiorgio Rd might be good. Also with the sun to the east, the evening site on Borrego Valley Rd near the Date Farm would be an alternate.

Dark Swainson's Hawk-David Nevitt

Adult Light Male Intermediate Morph-David Nevitt


  1. Where exactly is the date farm/Evans Ranch? Doesn't show up on Google search.

    1. Hi, the date farm (Evans Ranch) is located 1.7 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive on Borrego Valley Rd. Not much happening the past few days but we could have more incoming hawks soon.


  2. Thanks very much. Will help me get my bearings.