Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 20-22, 2017-Continued Great Hawk Counts

March 20-Herb/Judy
March 21-Steve
March 22-Laura

March 20-711 Swainson's Hawks
March 21-737 SW's
March 22-45 SW's

On March 20 and 22 the hawks moved across Henderson Canyon and along Coyote Mtn. They had roosted near the potato fields in Tamarisks and Creosotes. Most crossed Henderson at the bend in the road located to the east. We hope to exceed our best year count tomorrow March 23.

Below is a map of SW's migration, wintering and breeding grounds. We probably are now seeing the arrival of hawks from Mexico and Central America. As the season progresses hawks will come from Columbia and finally Argentina.

Evening Watch: Wednesday March 22:
This evening around 200 hawks are in town. At least 135 may have stayed over from yesterday. Additionally around 75 came in late (6:15pm)

Wind will be up with a slight break early. Perhaps the hawks will move during the break. It is too hard to predict their movement. Perhaps it will be best to go to the alternative watch site on Di Giorgio Rd about 200 yards south of Henderson Canyon Rd. You can then be instructed as to where to go. It is possible that hawks could take off early in the wind. Today however it was windy and they didn't take off until 10am.
Map of Wintering, Migration and Breeding

Nice panoramas of our count area-Pam Albers

Hal receiving our mascot award from Larry Hendrickson-A Caterpillar

A 3 inch Caterpillar on a Popcorn Flower-HC

Yes there are still flowers-A secret spot-3/22/17-HC

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  1. Would the hawks still be around first week of April (1st - 8th?) If so, where would be the best location to attempt to view them and best time of day?