Saturday, March 25, 2017

March 23-25, 2017 Continued Incredible Migration Numbers

March 23-Rose/Pam
March 24-Pam/Rose
March 25-Hal

March 23-192 Swainson's Hawks
March 24-174 Swainson's Hawks
March 25-1,248 Swainson's Hawks

The numbers tend to grow and then diminish and grow again. Today March 25 the hawks took off at 7am and migration was over by 8am. It was very windy. One kettle was the largest I have ever experienced in Borrego Springs (I estimate over 1,000 hawks). The stream was so large I couldn't keep up with the count. Our total count for the season now stands at 10,503 Swainson's Hawks. The previous high season was 2016-8,917. We never thought we would crack the 10,000 hawk barrier.

Evening Watch:
This evening initially we had around 150 SW's. At 6pm an additional group of 350 came into view. We now probably have over 500 in town. They are still in the same staging area to the east of Borrego Valley Rd. Photography from a distance does not work. Hopefully the hawks will be more cooperative tomorrow

Hopefully the wind will be down by sunup. If not the hawks will migrate very early (7am). Let's hope we will see hawks move after 8am. Best to visit the counter on Di Giorgio Rd to find out the best vantage point to view the hawks. This site is located a little south of Henderson Canyon rd. It is the alternate watch site. It's a tough year for photo's.

High Stream-HC Not Today

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