Monday, March 20, 2017

Swainson's Hawks Continue in Borrego Springs-March 19, 2017

March 19-Pam and Rose
March 20-Herb, Judy, Hal, Pam

March 19-Swainson's Hawks-580
March 20-Swainson's Hawks-711

March 19-Hawks came up in several kettles. Most leaving through Coyote Canyon. Seventy-five flew directly over the alternative count site. Most if not all of the hawks are spending the night near the potato fields. March 20-Hawks began moving along Coyote Mtn from Tamarisk Trees to the south of Henderson Canyon. They were easy to spot as they crossed Henderson Canyon Rd over the flower fields.

Evening Watch:
March 19-At least 400 hawks are still staging to the east of the evening watch site. They boil up every 15 minutes or so, spread out with some going very high. The numbers increase as the night approaches. By 6:30pm they go to roost her the potato fields in Tamarisk trees. Here is a youtube from the evening of March 19.
March 20-Around 150 Swainson's Hawks dropped in at 5:15pm

March 21-Probably best to view migrating hawks from Henderson Canyon Rd near the east end at the bend. Or first check in at the evening site on Borrego Valley Rd.

Subadult dark morph SW

Subadults with an adult

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