Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 5-8, 2017-Aerial Feeding Continues and Caterpillars Spotted

March 5-Herb/Judy
March 6-Herb/Judy
March 7-Steve
March 8-Laura

March 5-15 Swainson's Hawks
March 6-0
March 7-54 Swainson's Hawks; 12 TV's
March 8-115 Swainson's Hawks

Hawks continue to arrive in small numbers. Today, Wed. March 8th saw an uptick in numbers. Several small kettles and one large kettle were observed from the alternate watch site. Aerial feeding (ants) took place for more than an hour before hawks departed the valley going northwest and west.

Evening Watch:
This evening we had several early hawks enter the valley. At 4:30pm hawks were observed very high and finally descending into the Date Farm and Roadrunner Club. At least 75 and probably more than 100 are in town. Lots of flying ants and some caterpillars are in the valley.

Warm (90) and calm wind tomorrow Thursday March 9. Expect lift-off of nice kettles between 8 and 9am. tomorrow. Flying ants might slow the migration. Best viewing spots are from the evening site 1.8 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive on Borrego Valley Rd; Di Giorgio Rd near Big Horn and at the alternate count site just south of Henderson Canyon on Di Giorgio Rd. I will be at the alternate site at 8am.

Flying Ants-A Mating Pair

SW Pouncing on Flying Ants
Typical Swainson's Hawk Shape at a Distance-HC-3/8/17
1960 Nash Metropolitan-This Evening-Always Something New At The Watch-3/8/1-HC

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