Friday, February 17, 2012

Borrego Valley Hawkwatch Friday Feb. 17, 2012-No Migration Today

Partial Albino Red-tailed Hawk with another Redtail
Migration Today:

Last season we had migration of raptors every day. Today was the first 0 day in two seasons. The still air, and very sunny sky may have contributed to the lack or migrants. A crow (first of the year) was observed from the watch site. It looks like a  Loggerhead Shrike has taken up residence near the site. Both Mountain and Western Bluebirds continue to feed across the road from the day site. Yesterday I talked about a Krider's Red-tailed Hawk observed in Palm Canyon. With a closer look it appears to be a partial albino Red-tailed Hawk

Evening Watch: 
Another evening without apparent migration into the valley.

Prediction For Tomorrow:
Once again our expectation of migrating hawks is low. Perhaps the front that came through on Tuesday and Wednesday has held up the movement of hawks through Mexico. It is still very early in the season.

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  1. Neat photo of the albino Red Tail. The backlighting from this angle suggests very little pigment even in the tail feathers. Is the bird really all white? I hope in hangs around. I would love to see it.