Friday, February 10, 2012

We Need Your Eyes-Join us February 24th to learn about the Hawkwatch

Introduction to Hawkwatching at Borrego Valley Hawkwatch-Basics for volunteers to help count raptors February 15-April 15

The Borrego Valley Hawkwatch is looking for volunteers to assist our leaders to count hawks as they migrate through the valley. This training session will be an introduction to hawkwatching and techniques for counting migrating hawks. Every evening beginning February 14, a leader and volunteers observe hawks as they migrate into Borrego Valley. The following day the leader and volunteers count the hawks as they depart the valley. Information gathered is tabulated and sent to Hawk Migration Association of North America. The count information becomes part of a data base. We have been gathering data since 2003. This year we will mark our 10th year of counting. Join us at 10AM Friday February 24th to learn how to identify and count hawks. Our objective is to train new watchers to assist our leaders. We count hawks every day February 15-April 15. All you need is a pair of eyes, a pair of binoculars and a day commitment. Our evening site time begins 1 1/2 hours before sunset. Our day site time is 8AM-11AM. In the photo above are 3 Swainson's Hawks Morphs (genetic variation)

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