Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some action today/Still waiting for Swainson's Hawks

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-2
Red-tailed Hawks-1
Turkey Vultures-33

The weather began at 60 degrees and finished at 80. No clouds today and calm wind becoming breezy by 10 from the west. Lift-off at 8:30A-the SW's moved quickly out of the valley. The TV's lifted off at 8:55A. The Redtail and another group of TV's took off at 9:30A.

Evening Watch:
Four dark morph Swainson's Hawks flew into the date farm. No other activity. A later amendment:
6 additional SW's and 7 Turkey Vultures were spotted in the area by another watcher. They also put down in the date farm.

Prediction for tomorrow:
It looks like the heavy wind forecast for tomorrow will arrive in the evening through Monday. Perhaps with the weather shake up we will get some good hawk migration. We will be looking for the few hawks that came in plus hopeful surprises.

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