Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hopeful for a Migration Tomorrow Evening

Come on In-TV- Palm Canyon Drive 2/26/12

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-7
Red-tailed Hawks-1
Turkey Vultures-19

Sunny and warm conditions continued today. Wind was 5mph from the southeast. The Western and Mountain Bluebirds were observed again from the watch. One of the 6 crows that have been seen often, returned for a flyby. Swainson's Hawks beat the TV's for lift-off from the date farm a 8:45A. Small kettles of TV's came up from the date farm at 9:15A and the Roadrunner RV park. A few of the raptors, including Swainson's came close to the watch. Our first flying ant was spotted as well.

Evening Watch:
No apparent incoming raptors this evening.

Prediction for Tomorrow:
The wind should pick up tonight into tomorrow night. Gusts to 60mph are expected. Often on windy days several raptors will descend into the valley. Although nothing came in this evening, tomorrow evening could be eventful.

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