Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Radioed Swainson's Are on the Move

Captured Swainson's Hawk from Borrego Springs

Migration Today-0

A very cool morning with no raptor movement. Exciting news however, the Swainson's Hawks with attached radio transmitters are on their way north. According to Jim Estep  "We downloaded data today and the furthest north is near Hermosillo, Mexico.  They're still stretched out as far south as Columbia, but it looks like they're moving pretty fast. The first of them should cross the US border in a day or two". Hopefully we'll be lucky and one or more will work their way into Borrego Valley. 

The Swainson's Hawk pictured here was captured in Borrego Springs a few years ago. This hawk was part of a research project (not related to the work described above). 

I need to amend comments made on Feb 21 about the recently captured Swainson's Hawks. The radio's were attached to birds on their breeding grounds in Sacramento Valley, not in Mexico to Bolivia. They have been tracked since last summer to locations from Central Mexico to Bolivia where they were wintering until recently. 

Evening Watch:
8 TV's settled along Palm Canyon Drive. Eight Swainson's Hawks dropped into the date farm. Of interest is a call from one of our leaders concerning a sighting of TV's and SW's near Tamarisk Grove at 12:30PM. These could be the same birds. 

Prediction for Tomorrow:
Light wind will greet the valley early. Increasing winds during the day and into the evening. Gusts to 50 mph are predicted tomorrow night. If we don't have a windy beginning tomorrow, expect lift-off between 8 and 9A.

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