Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1- Summary for March 2012

Migration Today:
Toro Peak (8,900 feet) with a kettle of Swainson's Hawks 3/31/12
Swainson's Hawks-26
Turkey Vultures-8

Very windy, clear and cool weather today. We had blowing sand throughout the morning hours. Hawks began to move by 6:45A. There was no kettling as hawks moved out of the valley at tree level to avoid the west/northwest wind, blowing up to 40mph. By 10A the last of the hawks and vultures was counted.

This year we have had 4,147 Swainson's Hawks migrate through the valley in March. The highest March count was last year, 2011. Only one other year (2008) was higher than 2012.

Evening Watch:
The wind has simmered down but hawks have also slowed down. We had only 4 Swainson's Hawks and 4 TV's fly into the valley. At least 3 SW's are roosting at the Date Farm. One lone SW flew to Ellis Farm.

Prediction for Tomorrow:
The wind should pick up again this evening. The few hawks and TV's will probably leave the valley early.

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