Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10-Windy Tonight-Maybe Some Hawks on the Way

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-30
Turkey Vultures-13

Weather was clear, hot (mid 80's) and light increasing wind. First lift off was at 8:30A as 4 Swainson's Hawks came out of Ellis Farm. By 10A 26 more lifted off from the same area. TV's began to rise from the Roadrunner Club at 9:20A. They apparently moved through Palm Canyon.

Do the Swainson's Hawks move through Borrego Springs as they migrate south in fall? Yes, some repeat the journey south, however in limited numbers through our valley. In Mid-October we have had over 300 in a kettle spend the night and then move on. Totals for the fall have never been more than 500 or so. We do not monitor the migration as frequently.
6 Swainson's of over 50 beginning to stream 4/9/12

Evening Watch:
Only 4 Swainson's were counted this evening, going into Ellis Farm. Ten TV's were observed going into the back of the Date Farm.

Prediction for Tomorrow:
Windy conditions will prevail through the night. If it is still windy tomorrow early, the hawks and TV's will be gone by 7:30A.

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