Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11-Blown Away Today

Migration Today:
Turkey Vultures-4

Cool (60's), slight drizzle, becoming very windy with puffy fair weather cumulus clouds- a perfect hawkwatching sky. No Swainson's apparently migrated today. The TV's came up from Roadrunner Club and moved over the watch and out of town.

Tamarisk Killer-4/11/12 off of Di Giorgio Road
What's the status of all the Tamarisk Trees in rows everywhere in Borrego Springs? Today I watched as a tractor gobbled up dead and dying Tamarisk Trees. Two weeks ago over 100 Swainson's Hawks were roosting in these trees. The trees were planted as wind breaks as early as the 1950's, to protect the grape vineyards. When the grape industry ceased production in the 60's, the trees began to die as water was cut off. Today thousands of trees line roadways and stretch out between. They are water suckers and folks in Borrego hate them. Well, not the Swainson's Hawk lovers. The trees provide tremendous roosting opportunities throughout the valley. We believe that it will take 20 years or more to get rid of all of them.

Evening Watch:
At 6:40P a lone intermediate morph Swainson's Hawk flew in circled and landed in the Date Farm. The expected followers didn't show. Perhaps that have come in late.

Prediction for Tomorrow:
The wind should pick up overnight. Any hawks in town will depart early. Rain is forecast for tomorrow night into Friday.

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