Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 8-Spectacular Morning

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-247
Turkey Vultures-115

Roosting Swainson's around the new Solar Field 4/8/12
Weather today included calm wind, hot (80's by 10A) and high clouds. We arrived at the day site by 7:45A and viewed over 100 Swainson's along Henderson Canyon Road and the adjacent fields to the south and east. Hawks were even stationed in the new solar field including the top of the fence and on the ground. Turkey Vultures and Swainson's Hawks were also observed near Pekoff Farm on Borrego Springs Road. Lift-off began at 9A as hawks begin to rise directly to the east of the hawkwatch count site. Several kettles began to form as the hawks moved northwest. The Swainson's continued to kettle and stream from the east until 10:30A. The total included some SW's observed at Pekoff. Most of the Turkey Vultures departed from Borrego Springs Road near Pekoff Farm.

Evening Watch:
At 6:30P around 50 Turkey Vultures flew in from the west. At 6:45P a group of around 70 Swainson's Hawks began to drop into the west side of the Date Farm and other moved south and landed in Tamarisks near the Fun Farm. Remaining in the area until 7:20P paid off as more Swainson's came in from high.

Prediction for Tomorrow:
If the wind remains calm we can expect around 100 Swainson's and 50 TV's to lift off between 8:30 and 9A. The best place to view the Swainson's Hawks is on Di Giorgio just north of The Springs RV Park. Most likely the hawks will re-locate to dead Tamarisks near Di Giorgio. The whereabouts of most of the TV's is unknown. Based on events from earlier today (more SW's than expected) we may see more than 100 SW's.

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