Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Little Cooler Today-Smoke Attracting the Swainson's Hawks-February 18, 2014

Steve Bier
assisted by, Hal, Kalista and Marcy

29 Swainson's Hawks
3 Turkey Vultures
1 Red-tailed Hawk

Still 80 degrees but not quite as hot as the past few days. Just before 9A we watched as a fire to the south produced quite a bit of smoke. We commented on the possibility of the SW's being attracted to the smoke. Why? Heat producing some lift, or burnt insects, snakes and rodents. Swainson's Hawks are attracted to any agricultural process. Tractors plowing, fires, and watering provide stimulus. At 8:55A we watched as several SW's began to ring up in the smoke. Another small group began to kettle in the smoke at 9:25A. All of the SW's migrated north through Coyote Canyon.

Evening Watch:
Only 2 Swainson's flew into the Date Farm this evening.

Not much to predict for tomorrow. Light winds are once again predicted. Expect the two SW's to take off around 9A.
Plume of Smoke Attracting Swainson's Hawks

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