Friday, February 28, 2014

RAIN Today-Wonderful RAIN-Even the Swainson's Enjoyed the RAIN-February 28, 2014

Joe Hopkins assisted by Hal

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-12

It's raining as I write this post. It has been raining on and off all day. Joe watched 4 Swainson's perched near DiGiorgio Rd this morning. A few of the hawks stretched out during the rain, bathing in the trees. After 10A between rain showers, the SW's, joined by 8 others began to kettle up. They appeared to have migrated up Palm Canyon. Can the hawks migrate in the rain. Yes.

Here is the wrap up for February. We had 163 Swainson's Hawks-The average for the same period of time-Feb. 15-28 for the years 2004-2013 is 138 Swainson's Hawks. So we came in a bit higher. Of course March and early April provide the greatest number. We've had years with a low of 58 and as high as 333 in February.

Evening Watch:
Very Windy and lots of blowing sand this evening. I was worried about sandblasting so turned around before the hawk watch. Laura braved the elements and found no raptors this evening.

Although very windy and rainy there may be some Swainson's Hawks in town. The wind is supposed to calm down by day break. If we don't see any SW's or TV's in the morning, the evening tomorrow could be productive. The peak of migration is only a few weeks from now.

Joe watching hawks in trees (in the rain)
Looking West
Stretching to bathe during the rain

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