Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pleasant Evening With a Little Kettle of Swainson's Hawks-February 16, 2014

Joe Hopkins

Migration Today:

Not much happening today at the hawk watch.

Evening Watch:
This evening we had a single Swainson's fly in and land at Ellis Farm at 5:05P. At 5:15P we watched a small kettle of Swainson's fly in from the south. Tommy Antel notified me of a few SW's moving down Montezuma Grade (highway leading into town). We counted 11 Swainson's Hawks in the small kettle. All 11 landed in the Date Farm.

Wind should be light tomorrow so expect the SW's to depart between 8:30A and 9:15A.
Sunset from the evening site

The view this evening of a few Swainson's Hawks coming in to the Date Farm

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