Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nice Lift-off Today-Our Biggest Number This Season-February 23, 2014

Laura Webb
Assisted by Seldnen, Hal, Herb

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-49

Clear sky and temps in the 70's today. At 9AM 46 Swainson's Hawks lifted off from the Date Farm. We could not see these birds when they were perched. They must have been deep in the Eucalyptus Trees. The flew low tot he west before kettling up then streaming north and out Coyote Canyon. Three additional SW's joined them.

Evening Watch:
A pleasant evening with light wind. At 5:05P 8 Swainson's descended into the Date Farm. At least 4 other SW's joined them.They settled into very visible  Eucalyptus trees.

The wind should be calm tomorrow so expect lift-off around 9A. We should see at least 12 Swainson's take off. If the SW's repeat the flight pattern of today, the best viewing would be from DiGiorgio Rd around 1 mile north of Palm Canyon Drive.

How Many Swainson's Hawks in this Photo? 2/23/14
Our 2 local resident TV's-Often on DiGiogio Rd. 

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