Monday, February 17, 2014

Very Hot Day-No Wind-February 17, 2014

Hal Cohen
Assisted by: Ken Okay, Marcy and Kalista

Migration Today:
10 Swainson's Hawks

At 9:05A 2 Swainson's Hawks flew low from the Date Farm continuing north and exiting by Coyote Canyon. They used very little glide, almost constantly flapping. This was unusual behavior. At 9:25A 8  SW's kettled up from the Date Farm. They behaved in a different manor. They exhibited typical kettling and gliding to exit the valley. This group included 3 adult light morphs, 2 dark morphs, an intermediate morph and 2 unidentified morphs.

Evening Watch:
Another fun evening as some Swainson's came in at 4:35P then a larger group at 5:10P. At least 30 and perhaps more SW's were counted. The hawks flew into the Date Farm again. It was windy, typical weather for good numbers dropping in.

The weather forecast for tomorrow morning is warm with light wind. At least 30 and perhaps more Swainson's Hawks will begin to kettle up between 8:45 and 9:30A. Best place to view the hawks will be just past the fun farm on DiGiorgio Rd about 1.25 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive or the main hawk site 2.8 miles from Palm Canyon Drive on DiGirogio Rd
A Few Swainson's Hawks

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