Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday February 26, 2014-Very Windy This Evening-Catch Up Time

I have been in Yuma and Mexico for a few days so here is the catchup:
Migration-Monday Feb. 24-13 Swainson's Hawks
                 Tuesday Feb 25-9 Swainson's Hawks and 17 Turkey Vultures
Migration Today-Wednesday Feb 26, 2014
Swainson's Hawks-4

The Swainson's Hawks continue to trickle through. The total so far this season is:
Swainson's Hawks-135
Turkey Vultures-88
Unknown Raptors-1

Evening Watch:
Very windy this evening. At least 10 Turkey Vultures glided into the Roadrunner Club. At 5P 16 Swainson's descended into the Date Farm. The last 4 SW's remained aloft for some time before landing.

The wind this evening should abate by sunrise. If it is not windy tomorrow AM, the Swainson's Hawks will lift-off around 8:30-9A. Expect at least 16 SW's.
Four of the Sixteen SW's This Evening

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