Thursday, February 20, 2014

Migration Slow But Steady-Thursday February 20, 2014

Herb Stone

Swainson's Hawks-5
Red-tailed Hawks-2
Turkey Vultures-2

Sunny and not as warm today-60's-high 70's. Wind was a steady south breeze with occasional gusts. Lift off of 4 Swainson's Hawks and 1 TV at 8:53A from the the Roadrunner Club. The raptors kettled up and streamed to smoke from a fire near DiGiorgio Rd. These raptors gained altitude and streamed north. At 9:00A a second group lifted off from the Date Farm. This group included 1 TV, 2 Redtails and one SW. They followed the same path as the first group.

Below is a set of photographs ("Borrego Skylines") inspired by Wes Hetrick and created by Geoff Stone (photographer and editor to fit into six panels) and place name editor Ana Barcelona. This is a work in progress and this initial outcome can be downloaded freely. It's  a great opportunity to become familiar with the place names of the surrounding landscape. When a watcher shouts out "several hawks above Hawk Ridge", you will be able to find the place on one of the panels. 

I will not be in town tomorrow and Saturday. The blog will continue late Saturday evening. 

Evening Watch:
This evening 7 Swainson's dropped into the Date Farm. 

The wind will be calm to light tomorrow. Lift off from the Date Farm at 8:59A

Borrego Skylines


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