Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another Hot Day in Borrego Springs-Only 2 Swainson's Hawks Migrating-February 19,2014

Laura Webb

Swainson's Hawks-2

At 9A a light morph Swainson's Hawk took off from the Road Runner Club and moved north. A dark morph followed at 9:05A. Both hawks probably exited through Coyote Canyon.

I am posting the 3 morphs that frequent the hawk watch. Often we are asked what a morph is. A morph refers to genetic types rather than age groups. More later. Oh by the way, this shot was not manipulated like in photo shop. It was just a lucky shot.

Evening Watch:
At 5:35P a kettle of Turkey Vultures was spotted above the Date Farm. 3 Swainson's Hawks appeared to arrive with the TV's. The vultures moved back south probably roosting at the Road Runner Club. The SW's landed in the Date Farm.

The wind should be calm to light tomorrow morning. Once again Turkey Vultures have been observed coming in to roost. Apparently there is now an established group of TV's that remain in the valley. The TV's that are migrating usually appear around 9A and move toward Coyote Canyon. The Swainson's will probably depart the valley around 9A as well.

3 morphs-Upper Right-Light; Middle-Dark; Lower-Left Intermediate

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