Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hawks Are in Again-March 24, 2016

Wes Hetrick assisted by Rose Leong and Hal Cohen

Swainson's Hawks-72
Turkey Vultures-9

Once again we had a count from the old site. Several small kettles formed near the Date Farm and to the east. We also had a visit from the Zone-tailed Hawk.

Evening Watch;
Around 200 hawks descended into the Date Farm and the potato fields. Most of the birds are east near the potato fields. They arrived later in the evening. The lull we expected did not materialize yet.

Wind should be light tomorrow so migration may start late-around 9a.m. Watch for kettles to form to the east and over the Date Farm. Best viewing probably from the old count site on DiGiorgio Rd south of Henderson Canyon Rd and possibly from Borrego Valley Rd.

Nice Kettle Forming
Swainson's Hawks on the Ground
Intermediate (rufous morph) Swainson's Hawk-Jim Morris

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