Friday, March 18, 2016

March 16-18-2016-The Swainson's Hawks Keep Coming Through Town

March 16-Laura Webb assisted by Wes Hetrick, Hal Cohen, Anne Rielly
March 17-Wes Hetrick assisted by Judy Davis, Laura Webb, Rose Leong
March 18-Rose Leong assisted by Hal Cohen, Wes Hetrick, Judy Davis, Pam Albers

March 16-462 Swainson's Hawks
March 17-113 Swainson's; 11 Turkey Vultures
March 18-412 Swainson's Hawks

Continued caterpillars adds up to continuing hawks. Yesterday evening we had between 800 and 1,000 hawks on the ground and in the air. Today only 412 migrated. Our expectation for tonight through tomorrow are hundreds of hawks already in the valley and hopefully new birds arriving. Below is a site for the broadcast on CBS a few days ago.

Evening Watch:
Over 200 hawks are in again near the Date Farm. This might be a low count. There are probably a few hundred more.

Light wind tomorrow so hawks will probably descend into the fields off of Borrego Valley Rd. to feed. They will most likely migrate around 9a.m.

Light Morph Swainson's Hawk-Iris Kirkpatrick

Intermediate Morph Swainson's Hawk-Iris Kirkpatrick

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  1. I'm planning on going there tomorrow. Would 10 a.m. be too late to see the hawks?