Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 1 & 2, 2016-Hot-Steamy Hot Today-Nice Looks at Perched Hawks on March 1

Steve-March 1; Laura March 2
Volunteers-Rose and Wes

Migration March 1:
Swainson's Hawks-47
Red-shouldered Hawk-1
Zone-tailed Hawk-1

Migration March 2:
Swainson's Hawks-10

Well I'm out of the loop-playing pickleball while a Zone-tailed Hawk flies by. Some good looks at perched hawks at the Roadrunner Club. From the hawkwatch site birds with at the limit of 20 power scope. Migration took place west up Palm Canyon. Flowers and White-lined Sphinx Moths continue in the valley. The heat-93 today and 95 tomorrow, should be over soon. We are expecting some rain on Sunday with temps in the 70's. This might produce a nice migration. 

Hawks were observed feeding in fields off of Borrego Valley Rd on March 2. 

Evening Watch:
This evening, March 2-Over 100 Swainson's Hawks have descended into the Roadrunner Club

Light wind is predicted for tomorrow, March 3. If so, lift off around 9A. Possibly earlier if there is some wind.
Swainson's Hawk in Eucalyptus-March 1, 2016-HC
Pouncing on a Caterpillar or?-3/1/16-HC

It appears that the SW went too far with the pounce-3/1/16-HC
White-Lined Sphinx Moth Caterpillar-Steve Bier

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