Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March 23, 2016-Nice lift-off from the De Anza area-113 Swainson's Hawks

Laura Webb assisted by Wes Hetrick, Pam Albers, Hal Cohen

Swainson's Hawks-112
Turkey Vultures-5

Several hawks were on the ground just east of the community of De Anza. Most probably spent a few days eating caterpillars. Folks got great looks as the hawks formed several small kettles before departing the valley.

Evening Watch:
This evening only 25 new hawks were observed coming into the valley. A few are in the vicinity of the Date Farm. Tomorrow we will check to see if some hawks are still feeding near De Anza.

We do not expect a big migration tomorrow. Often after several days of many hawks we have a lull period. Hopefully the numbers will increase in a few days. Light wind tomorrow morning means a late takeoff. Migrating hawks tomorrow will probably leave after 9a.m.

Swainson's Hawk Against the Full Moon-HC
Siting SW Hawk-3/23/16-HC

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  1. I saw and photographed some Swainson's at Merced National Wildlife Refuge in Mar 2011 and understand they breed there. Talked to someone at San Luis NWR (of which Merced NWR is part) who confirmed and said there's a group starting project to track SH breeding sites.