Sunday, March 13, 2016

Today March 13, 2016 We Counted 1,407 Migrating Swainson's Hawks

Hal Cohen assisted by Wes Hetrick, Rose Leong, MelHochhalter, Gary Hilton

Swainson's Hawks-1,407
Turkey Vultures-8

Hawks arose from several locations including Ocotillo Wells (alerted by Mark Jorgensen). At one point we counted over 700 hawks streaming past. We probably missed some as the hawks were everywhere.

Evening Watch:
From 4-7p.m. we watched hawks coming in, settling down and again rising up in huge kettles. We estimated more than 500 hawks are in. They have settled into the Date Farm for the night. Check out the youtube:

Prediction: Wind tomorrow could get the hawks up early. They probably will go out to the fields near the Date Farm. They may come down near Borrego Valley Rd. Or they may to to the fields near DiGiorgio Rd. Check in at the evening site to see where the hawks are. Some will most likely migrate between 8 and 9a.m.

Female LIght Morph-Krisztina Scheeff
Evening Watch-Krisztina Scheeff

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