Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Second Biggest Migration Day In Fourteen Years-1673 Swainson's Hawks

March 14-Wes Hetrick assisted by Rose Leong, Jerry Goldsmith and Ann Reilly
March 15-Steve Bier assisted by Wes Hetrick, Rose Leong, and Hal Cohen

March 14-Swainson's Hawks 292; 1 Turkey Vulture
March 15-Swainson's Hawks 1,673; 6 Turkey Vultures

Yesterday of the hundreds of hawks in the valley only 292 migrated. The build up of Swainson's Hawks continued with a huge migration today, 1,673. Multiple kettles kept the counters busy. Almost all of the hawks flew past the day count site. Another large kettle of 118 moved through at 1p.m. CBS News came out to do a story on the hawks. It was aired at 5p.m. on channel 8. While doing the story the large kettle of 118 came through.

Evening Watch:
Although 150 Swainson's were observed from a distance, the roost site was not found. The SW's were primarily drifting about to the east near the potato fields.

Wind should be light tomorrow so lift-off in an unknown roosting area. So check in at the day count site at the end of DiGiorgio.

Light Morph Swainson's Hawk-HC
Rufous Morph (Intermediate)-HC


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