Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Over 7,000 Swainson's Hawks In 15 Days! March 22-721 Sw's

Steve Bier assisted by Hal Cohen, Wes Hetrick, Rose Leong

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-721
Turkey Vultures-14

At 6:35a a huge kettle formed near the date farm. Over 600 Sw's streamed past the old watch site. Additional hawks continued streaming through for half an hour. Several hawks were located near De Anza on the east side as well as over the golf course. Feeding continues in the De Anza area. Check out he amazing shot of the Raven harassing a juvenile hawk. Photos below thanks to Iris Kirkpatrick and Judy Davis.

Evening Watch:
It appears that no hawks arrived this evening. Wind gusts to 40mph may have hampered entrance to the valley. Around 100 hawks remain in the valley and may continue feeding tomorrow. They were last observed going to roost in tamarisk trees near the intersection of Henderson Canyon Rd and Borrego Springs Rd. Drive west from DiGiorgio Rd. about .5 miles. If they are not here try driving south on Borrego Springs Rd.

Wind to 7mph in the morning will probably get the hawks up early. Hopefully they will remain in the valley feeding on caterpillars.

Raven After Swainson's Hawk-Iris Kirkpatrick
Light Morph Swainson's Hawk-Judy Davis

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