Monday, March 21, 2016

March 20-21-Hawks Galore in Borrego Valley

March 20-Hal Cohen assisted by Steve Bier, Don White, Laura Webb, and Rose Leong
March 21-Herb Stone, Judy Davis, Hal Cohen, Wes Hetrick, Pam Albers

March 20-Swainson's Hawks-348; Turkey Vultures-13
March 21-Swainson's Hawks-336

Hawks moved in two directions on March 20. A line of SW's flew north in the eastern sector and west as well. Rarely do we get two migration paths in the same day. The old site had the advantage for counting.

March 21-Hawks were migrating before 8a.m. We counted from the old site today. For the past 3 days now we have used counts from the old site. Streams of hawks coming from the east continued for an hour. Feeding hawks were present near Borrego Valley Rd south of Henderson Canyon rd early and continued when we left the area. They might stay the day.

Evening Watch:
March 20-Hawks began to arrive after 5p.m. from the east. We had a few hundred hawks actively feeding near De Anza. See the youtube for a look at the hawks at 60X.  Shots below thanks to Ernie Cowan and Iris Kirkpatrick.

March 21-This evening a large kettle of hawks came in (around 130). Add this to birds still in the valley, around 200 hawks are present.

Tomorrow the wind we are now experiences may continue into the morning hours. If so hawks will fly at daybreak. We'll monitor the migration from around 6:30A.

Rufous Morph-Ernie Cowan

Dark Morph-Iris Kirkpatrick

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