Saturday, March 12, 2016

No Migrants Today March 12, 2016-Very Windy-However in the Evening-Hundreds of Hawks

Rose Leong


Very windy today with blowing sand. Lots of hawks but all feeding or hiding in the creosote bushes. No migration. Caterpillars are everywhere in the northern section of the valley. Check out the very unusual dark caterpillar below.

Evening Watch:
One of those magical evenings with action from 4:30p.m to 6p.m. Around 150 hawks on the ground and anywhere from 200-400 hawks in the air. At one time we had hawks in all directions and above. It was very difficult to count as hawks kept coming in to roost at the Date Farm.

Hopefully the wind will not be as strong tomorrow as today. Most of the hawks are roosting in the Date Farm. Additionally we believe several hawks are near the potato fields. We'll post a scout on Borrego Valley Rd and at the old day site on DiGiorgio Rd. We'll also have the leader at the new day site. If you are coming out, check in at the evening site on DiGiorgio Rd first. Because caterpillars are still in abundance, there is a chance that most of the hawks will descend into preferred feeding areas. It appears that a favorite feeding area is near the flower field on Henderson Rd. The area adjacent to the Date Farm also might be a feeding and staging site early in the morning. Check out the youtube of this evening.

Homin Lim-3/12/16

Sand Storm on Henderson Canyon Rd. 3/12/16-HC

Light Morph SW-3/12/16-HC
Very Dark Caterpillar-3/12/16-HC

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