Thursday, March 22, 2012

ALERT-The Next Wave in Borrego!-Hundreds of Swainson's Here!!

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-34
Turkey Vultures-1

Weather was clear and calm to start, with a slight southeast breeze developing later. Temperature 55-80 degrees. Lift off of 25 SW's from the Date Farm at 9:05A. The hawks flapped their way out of the valley through Coyote Canyon. The second group took off at 9:30A and streamed out of the valley. One lone TV came out of the Roadrunner Club.
Some of the Hawkwatch Leaders
This week Emerson Middle School and Griffith Middle School from Los Angeles visited the Hawkwatch.  Thanks for bringing your students to share this conservation story. All of the classes generated amazing hypotheses as to why these hawks' populations have decreased over time.  We were also impressed with the list of raptors and other California bird species that sixth grade students were able to generate.  We challenge you all to get out and listen as all of the spring bird songs begin and look to the sky!

Evening Watch:
At least 300 and perhaps 500 Swainson's have descended into trees lining the road to the Fun Farm on Di Giorgio Rd. A dozen or more TV's have shown up as well.

Prediction for Tomorrow:
If the wind does not develop during the night expect a huge kettle or kettles to form between 8A and 9:30A tomorrow. Best place to view will be just north of The Springs RV Park on Di Giorgio Rd. If the winds pick up early the hawks will depart just after sunup.

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