Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Very Windy This Evening

Migration Today:
Turkey Vultures-3

Windy conditions early, warm and sunny. As the day progressed the wind picked up. Gusts to 60 mph by the evening. Only 3 TV's of several observed migrated.

A question was raised concerning the day watch site. Although on private property, the public is invited if a liability waiver is signed once for the season. So join us. As the season progresses and the number of hawks increases, we may restrict public participation on "The Hill". Viewing from below the hill works fine. If the roost site is easily accessible by roadways, we may direct viewers to another site to watch the hawks take off.

Evening Watch:
A sandstorm necessitated car viewing. At least 35 Swainson's Hawks and 18 Turkey Vultures set down in or near the date farm. This is the largest concentration of SW's thus far this season.

Prediction for tomorrow:
The wind, with gusts predicted into the 70's is now plummeting the desert. Hopefully by sunup the wind will diminish. If the windy conditions persist, the SW's will leave the roost early.

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